Irishman goes nuts after €2 loss on bet

An Irishman from Dublin scared the ‘beejesus’ out of staff in a PaddyPower shop after going berserk and smashing up the place after missing out on €2 on a betting payout.

On December 8 2006, John McCormac, of Ballyfermot, 56, placed a bet on a horse just as the odds changed, resulting in a €2 less payout than he expected. He was then barred from the shop after abusing a female member of staff as he disputed the payout.

It didn’t end there. McCormac got a taxi home to pick up a sledgehammer, returned and began to smash up the shop, causing €17, 835 worth of damage in the process.

McCormac escaped a jail sentence after pleading guilty to causing criminal damage. However, Judge Patrick McCartan spared McCormac from having to pay the cost of the damages and issued a one-year suspended sentence.

PaddyPower responded in a typically witty manner.

"That's the first time we've had someone go berserk," said PaddyPower spokesman Ken Robertson.

"Occasionally you have a dispute but 99.9pc of the time they are resolved amicably. We respect the decision of the judge and will not be pursuing further costs, nor inviting McCormac around for tea any time soon."

McCormac’s defence counsel Paul Greene said his client was “a person with an unusually fragile personality”.

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