Irish lottery criticised

The Irish Lottery has increased its ticket prices from €2 to €3, making it one of the most expensive lotteries in the whole of Europe.

The decision has led to much bewilderment with ‘The Consumers’ Association of Ireland’ calling the rise "an extraordinary hike in anyone’s term."

The Irish Lottery defended its decision by claming a price rise was inline with an increased jackpot, which has recently increased from €1.3m to €2m upon calls from the Irish public that the prize fund was too small. However, the chances of winning have reduced as the number of balls has increased from 42 to 45

Dermot Griffin, director of the Irish national lottery remarked, "A lotto with bigger prizes has to move up in price. We have kept that to an absolute minimum. We have to move with the times. Every lottery has to change."

The Irish Lottery hope to recapture the hysteria it enjoyed upon its launch in 1987 and have put the recent fall in popularity down to changing economic circumstances, where the lottery has become less of an appeal.

"The cost of the dream rises over time. Dreams get bigger, so you have to move with that," Griffin concluded.

Editor, - 2006-11-10 11:51:06

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