Indian Premier League betting reaching phenomenal levels

Interest in the Indian Premier League has probably surpassed anything organisers could have hoped for. But as always seems the way with Indian cricket, talk of corruption is never far away.

Betting on the tournament is reaching phenomenal levels with £1 billion wagering on each match. If that continues, total wagering on the event will come close to £90 billion.

However, the threat of corruption still lingers, even more so now it has been revealed that officers from the International Cricket Council’s anti-corruption unit have left India.

Gambling is currently illegal in India although the IPL has approached the Indian government for the activity to be legalised.

"We have 59 matches in all so by the end of the tournament there will have been about $180 billion bet on the matches. Betting is illegal in India and that doesn't help. We need a regulated legal system rather than something that is underground,” said Singh Bindra, senior member of the IPL’s governing council.

Editor, - 2008-04-28 11:29:15

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