Interpol plan second stage of illegal soccer gambling operation

Interpol, the world’s largest international police organisation, plans to launch a second operation to cut illegal soccer gambling in Asia after last year’s success which stopped $680 million (US) worth of illegal bets.

“We've already started planning for the second phase of Soga (Soccer Gambling),” Interpol's secretary general, Ronald Noble, said at the organisation’s Global Conference on Asian Organised Crime.

There were 266 raids in the first phase of the operation, which Noble said was ‘staggering’. However, he told reporters that more was needed.

“Operation Soga demonstrated what can be achieved by police in our member countries working side-by-side with a common goal,” Mr Noble said.

“We're hoping that we can bring in more countries in the second phase.”

UEFA (Union of European football Association) President Michel Platini is fully aware of the problem that corruption in football can pose to the integrity of the game after many European games were noted as possibly being fixed.

“We know that in Hong Kong, Singapore or elsewhere in Asia you might have a single bet of 10 million dollars on a match ending 4-4,” Platini said at the time.

“We do know that some teams were approached by people,” he told Britain's newspaper the Sunday Times.

In regard to when the second phase of operation SOGA would begin, Interpol refused to comment.

Editor, - 2008-01-23 11:02:16

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