InterCasino Makes a Millionaire

Sometimes when you number’s up, it’s up. And it certainly came up in a big way at 11h10 on the July 27th for new millionaire Richard R., the lucky winner of a staggering $1,067,836.00 on the Millionaires Club Slot game. This winning game, developed by Cryptologic the largest publicly listed gaming company, is found on the industry leader site, The payout is one of the largest in the history of online gaming and the biggest to date awarded by which, unlike most other online casinos, always immediately pays out in full. A practice appreciated by their thousands of regular players who value a land-based gaming feel while playing online.

“All I can say is “Yeah Baby! I still can’t believe this is real,” said the grateful 49 year-old winner who has been an regular for the past two years. “I have watched this jackpot for a while and every time I logged in I would see if some lucky person won it. I can’t believe I turned out to be that person.” When asked about his online gaming philosophy he was quick to reply, “Play, play, play! These are not just “dream” games. Someone is going to win and it might as well be you. It just takes that one lucky click of the mouse.”

The enormous jackpot comes on the heels of yet another huge payout from the world’s oldest and most awarded online gaming site. regular, Ronald B, went from “Rags to Riches” when he recently hit it big with the Rags to Riches Progressive Jackpot which brought him the $162,080.86 windfall. “At first I didn’t believe it. I kept thinking it was going to stop,” said the lucky winner to Casino Manager Ryan Hartley. “All I can say is that it was very tough going into work on Monday morning.”

Reached in his London office, the InterCasino Manager Ryan Hartley, says, “This is what it’s all about for us. To be able to offer these types of payouts is a real thrill. The whole office cheered and clapped when the $1,067,836 jackpot was won. Our goal is for all our players to experience the excitement of hitting the progressive slots, their number in craps or roulette, a blackjack or any of the other winning combinations that make play at so much fun and so rewarding. - 2005-08-01 12:17:44

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