Industries Big Guns Meet in London

It was recently forecast that the amount gambled on poker websites worldwide this year was likely to top US$60 billion and with the industry continuing to expand rapidly the top dogs are getting together to discuss the future of the online gambling market.

On December 5 and 6 the most significant gathering of Poker Industry professionals outside of the USA will meet at ‘The Poker Summit Europe’, with a spectacular lineup of over 40 top level speakers including John Anderson, CEO of 888, Noam Lanir CEO of Empire Online and Patrik Selin, CEO of Ongame.

Organised by Bullet Business the event will also incorporate an industry poker tournament and is open to anybody in the Poker Industry value chain.

Mike Setters, Head of the Bullet Business division, said: “The Summit itself will be a serious business event – But we wanted to do something fun as well. The Poker space is packed with characters…everybody talks the talk but the question we’re asking with the Bullet Business Industry Poker Tournament is -- Can they walk the walk!?” - 2005-11-14 10:26:20

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