IGH agree deal with Global Tote

Interactive Gaming Holdings (IGH) Plc, the online sports betting and gaming operator, have announced that it has entered into a white label agreement with Global Tote to conduct betting transactions on sporting events.

The deal will allow IGH to expand its operational services into the European market, especially capitalising on the lucrative Spanish market, after its relaxing of its gambling laws.

IGH’s sportsbook facilities will now grow in muscle, with their plan to continue the growth of its network in providing its white label betting facilities to other companies.

"We are extremely pleased to have entered into this deal with the Global Tote. The agreement enables IGH to spread its service offerings to a wider range of markets whilst also strengthening the IGH brand with customers," said John Heaton, Chief Executive of Interactive Gaming Holdings.

"This is the third white label agreement that IGH has signed and will truly help move the Company further forward in the right strategic direction," he added.

The deal, which is IGH’s third white label agreement after deals with Heathorns and Premier Bet, follow news that Heaton’s former company, the state-owned bookmaker Tote, is unlikely to be able receive foreign investment. This may be a signal for Heaton to raise his interest and further expand IGH’s portfolio.

Editor, Jackpot.co.uk - 2006-12-12 12:41:47

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