Hope for legalising online gambling

Speaking at a gambling conference in Las Vegas yesterday, MGM Mirage chief executive Terry Lanni said that the recent anti-gambling law in the U.S made “no sense whatsoever”.

Following on from comments made by Centrebet chairman Graham Kelly earlier this week, Lanni reiterated that a new Democratic party leading the U.S Congress could offer an opportunity to legalise online gambling.

The man who subtly added the anti-gambling paper to a bill on port safety in October, Senator Bill Frist, is retiring from Congress and new leadership has sparked new hope.

Lanni also proposed that a study should be commissioned to see whether online gambling in the U.S could be regulated effectively. Lanni, who chairs the U.S Gaming Commission, is expected to decide on this matter in December.

Chairman of Britain’s respective Gaming Commission, Peter Dean, also spoke at the conference, recommending that regulation of the industry is the best option, underlining Britain’s desire to become the new centre of the gambling industry.

“Britain wants to be second to none in regulation of Internet gambling. We firmly believe that the way forward is to regulate, rather than prohibit.”

Dean also added that the ban on online gambling is baffling in the sense that “prohibition doesn't have a conspicuous record of success” in the U.S.

Editor, Jackpot.co.uk - 2006-11-16 11:38:01

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