Hatton v Mayweather: Big fight betting odds plus a great tip

It’s only one day to go until the big fight in Las Vegas between Ricky ‘The Hitman’ Hatton and ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd Mayweather and betting on the event has surpassed all previous betting records.

"This will shatter all previous boxing betting records with over £10m expected to be wagered on the fight by Saturday night," said Coral's spokesman, Simon Clare.

And most of that money is being plumped on Hatton, even though Mayweather is the favourite.

"We already have a completely lopsided book with all the money on Hatton to win, to win by a knockout, and to win between rounds seven and nine."

Astonishingly, Ladbrokes have reported that eight out of ten wagers have been placed on Hatton whilst Irish bookie Paddy Power has revealed that only 3% of bets have been placed on Mayweather.

However, the tell-tale sign that punters have been betting with their heart rather than their head is the fact that most wagers on Hatton have been around the £10 mark. The highest wager on Hatton reported by Ladbrokes has been £2,000 from a punter in Cheltenham. In contrast they have received 3 big bets on Mayweather to win - £29,000, £25,000 and £14,000.

Regardless of whether you are betting with your heart or head, if you think Hatton has the tools to beat the Michigan-born motormouth Mayweather, then do not bet on Hatton to win the fight. Instead, plump your money on Hatton to win the BBC Sports Personality of the Year. If he does win the fight, Hatton will surely receive the majority of the nations vote ahead of Lewis Hamilton.

At some current odds for example, if you stick £10 on Hatton to win the fight, you will receive just over £26. If you bet on Hatton to snatch the BBC Sports Personality of the Year, then you will walk away with £35.

Whatever the outcome of the fight, it is bound to be all it has been built up to be. One man will walk away with the first defeat of his career- that is unless it’s a draw of course...

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