Harrah’s Metropolis Casino to Adds Hotel

Harrah’s, one of the top casino resort operators in the United States is breaking ground this week in Metropolis, Illinois. Harrah’s currently operates a casino in Metropolis, but the casino does not have its own hotel, instead directing gamblers to the Amerihost Inn, located across the street. The new Metropolis Hotel will supply over twice as many rooms, with 258 to the Amerihost’s 120.

The project was originally planned to cost $62 million, but that figure has since increased. Metropolis officials are pleased with the plan, which will offer 250 jobs during the construction phase and employ about 100 workers afterwards for daily operations. The expected revenues for the hotel’s property taxes are close to $1.5 million, yearly.

Building is expected to take about a year, but the Harrah’s website advertises that the hotel will open in 2005.

OnlineCasino-News.com - 2005-05-25 22:56:46

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