Granny deals drugs for bingo habit

Leticia Villareal Garcia, 62, Arizona, has been jailed for three years and fined $150,000 for dealing drugs to fund her bingo habit.

Garcia was caught by Arizona state police, following a tip off, on her way to a Tucson casino from her Douglas home and discovered more than 200 pounds of marijuana in the boot of her car.

Garcia claims she is innocent and had no idea that the drugs were there. She argues that the drugs must belong to her son’s long-lost godfather who she had borrowed the car to the day before her arrest.

However, the court failed to buy this story and prosecutors say Garcia ran drugs to feed her bingo habit. Garcia had admitted that she was a regular bingo player and sometimes had won several thousand dollars at a game.

It could have been much worse for Garcia as she potentially could have faced up to twelve years in prison. However, prosecutors settled on a lighter sentence owing to the fact the granny had a clean record and because of her year advancing years.

Editor, - 2007-02-02 12:26:56

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