Government say no to Paisley

Following the Government’s decision to throw out a bid by Paisley for Las Vegas-style casino, an irate councillor for the Scottish town hit back at the Government.

"Stranraer is still on the short list but they have nothing close to the population we have as the largest town in Scotland," ranted Councillor John McDowell.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport snubbed the proposals which would have boosted the local economy by £5 million and created 100 jobs, deciding that the location of Renfrewshire wasn’t as suitable as other locations for a new casino. Earlier this year, Renfrewshire had another bid for a gambling licence refused back in May.

“For Paisley to move out of the shadows of Glasgow when we have so much going for us, we have to do things on our own merit and in our own vision – we have to mark out our own identity,” added McDowell.

McDowell, who heads Renfrewshire’s Licensing Board, added that the town has missed out on a “great boost”.

“We have been held back for years and while the casino may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it would have improved our economy to the tune of £5 million.”

Renfrewshire still believe they have a valid case for a licence to be granted, with Chief Executive of Renfrewshire’s Alcohol Trust underlining this opinion.

“As the lead agency in Scotland offering gambling counselling we are keen to ensure that casino bids are responsible in the way they propose to deal with gambling problems. Renfrewshire Council took a balanced position between the economic benefits and social costs of a casino and we were happy to support them.”

As Paisley fall out of the race, 30 towns and cities across Britain will continue to battle it out for eight licences that will be granted by the Government.

Editor, - 2006-11-22 10:54:49

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