Are At It Again!

In what is fast becoming a national craze, Pittsburgh model and waitress, Sarah Dee has been contracted to wear a temporary tattoo. The logo sits on her forehead and boldly promotes the website Lease Your

'Lease Your Body is a new concept where companies can contract members to advertise their logos,' says creator Alex Fisher. 'We are the largest company of this kind with over 2500 members in every major city in the US'

Tattoo wearers can choose the location of the ad and the amounts ranging from $100 to sky-high $5,000 to don a particular logo. The period of the contract is 30 days.

Fisher believes, 'This form of advertising will get you attention for the simple reason that people will want to know more instead of wanting to turn the channel.' Sarah Dee comments that she has received a barrage of questions and a multitude of inquisitive looks regarding the tattoo.

Some companies have already began sending tattoo-adorned human billboards into sporting events, festivals, beaches or popular tourist sites to promote their brands. The idea is that once the seed has been planted, curiosity alone will motivate people to find out more about the advertiser.

Big companies like Toyota, Dunkin' Donuts, and Golden Palace Casino have experimented with body advertising, betting that it doesn't take a multimillion-dollar national ad to get people's attention.

The members of Lease Your Body agree that body advertising will be the wave of the future because it is beneficial both for the wearer and the company who wants the publicity.

Source: - 2005-08-23 10:57:55

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