Golden Palace - What Are Those Crazy Casino Guys Up To Now! is the online casino famous for buying the items like the Popemobile and a grilled cheese sandwich with an image of the Virgin Mary on it, but now, Richard Rowe, CEO of has purchased the White House deed from an auction on

GoldenPalace paid just $47 for the only known deed known to exist for the White. Proceeds from the auction will go to New Orleans Flood Victims. Far more was expected to be raised, however, due to Hurricane Katrina there was little room for media coverage so potential bidders were unaware of the auction. Moments before the auction was to close GoldenPalace swooped in and scored the bargain of the century. has a reputation for acquiring unique and extraordinary items through online auctions. Their numerous buys on eBay have made headlines worldwide, and they have received an enormous amount of exposure as a result.

'This unique item is a great example of American pop culture, and we think the Oval Office will make a great poker room,' joked CEO Richard Rowe. 'This will make a great addition to our collection of eccentric and extraordinary items. People will get to see the deed when we bring it on tour with our other auction purchases.'

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