Golden Palace Players do it Underwater!

Online Casino Holds an Aqua Poker Tournament 
5 December 2005 
When you talk about creative marketing, the first name that comes to mind is the Golden Palace Online Casino. I didn´t think it was possible for a rival online casinos company to outshine the popular online gambling site, but this week I was proven otherwise. When you think of underwater sports, scuba diving is one of the first things that come to mind. Recently, Inter Poker has introduced us to a new kind of underwater sport called Aqua Poker.

The online casino held its Extreme Poker championship game 30 feet underwater in the exotic Caribbean. Given the complexity in holding such as event, it took the online casino three months to make all the proper arrangements. In order to hold a poker tournament so deep underwater, the online casino arranged for a poker table to be submerged using weighted anchors to keep it steady in place. Since you can´t really play poker without poker chips or playing cards, the online casino arranged for the players to have special chips and water proof cards.

To hold a poker tournament 30 feet underwater, you still need someone to deal the cards. The online casino approached Andy Goetsch who is CryptoLogic´s Vice President of Poker Software Development to act as the tournament director and dealer. The online casino left nothing to chance, making sure that all players participating in the tournament receive diving training prior to the event. At the end of the unusual tournament Juha Helppi took top honors, wining first place prize.

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