Golden Palace at it Again

Once again Golden Palace are courting controversy with their PR. This time they have set their sites on Hollywood in their search to buy an Acadamy Award.

"We've been trying to buy an Oscar, but the academy's legal agreement clearly states that most of them [Academy Awards given after 1951] can't be sold, so we had to think creatively," reported spokesperson Drew Black. But this didn't keep the online casino from getting its hands on Morris Stoloff's 1960 academy award for the score of the musical picture "Song Without End." All it took was $30,000.

"The agreement says nothing about leasing" continued Black. Indeed, the casino leased the Academy Award for the next 999 years. The latest purchase will be added to a traveling museum that the casino developed over the past years with all of their quirky acquisitions. initially offered $100,000 for Margaret O'Brien's honorary Oscar for Outstanding Juvenile Performer of 1944, but she declined, stating her daughter might wish to own it after she passed away. However, should her daughter agree to the leasing of her mother's award, O'Brien reported that she might accept the offer next year.

Black was quoted as saying that “Our offer to Ms. O'Brien still stands and we'd like other Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Golden Globe winners to know that we're open to leasing their statuettes, too.” - 2006-03-10 10:53:24

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