Golden Palace Acquires Holy Grilled Cheese Pan

Well, it's time for our twice monthly Golden Palace update. It seems like every week, the notorious online casino makes some other unseemly purchase on eBay. This week, however, the folks at Golden Palace outdid themselves with two wacky acquisitions in just a couple of days. First there was Britney Spear's alleged pregnancy test, which the online casino bought this week for just over $5000. While this should have satisfied the online casino's thirst for quirky publicity stunts, Golden Palace then came across a find that it just couldn't pass up.

Remember in November of last year, when Golden Palace shelled out a whopping $28,000 for a grilled cheese sandwich bearing a likeness to the Virgin Mary? Well, this week, Golden Palace became the proud owner of complementary accessories to the heralded sandwich, when it acquired the pan in which the grilled cheese was prepared. Compared to the amount that the online casino paid for the sandwich itself, the pan's $5,999 price tag almost seems like something of a bargain. - 2005-05-05 15:29:18

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