Germany and Sweden gambling laws under legal action by EU

Germany and Sweden are facing legal action from the European Commission after the two countries put a ban on internet gambling.

Charlie McCreevy, the European Union’s (EU) internal market commissioner, has requested information from Germany pertaining to the ban they introduced this year to assess whether it complies with EU laws on the free movement of services within EU states.

"Germany has two months in which to respond," the commission, the executive arm of the EU, said in a statement.

"The commission hopes that the answers it receives will lead to an early and satisfactory resolution of the matter."

Germany remain confident they will receive a favourable outcome despite it appearing as though they are trying to protect a state-run monopoly – the type of which can only be allowed in an EU state if proof exists that it is in place for a reason such as curbing gambling addiction.

Sweden, on the other hand, also has two months to respond to the European Commission’s action. They will need to prove that their national laws on poker games and tournaments also comply with EU laws on the free movement of services.

Editor, - 2008-02-01 11:13:31

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