Germany tough on online gambling

It looks almost certain that several states in Germany plan to ban internet gambling, with a decision likely to be reached later today as state premiers discuss its validity and execution.

Germany have quite unashamedly admitted that any new law will be brought into protect their money-spinning monopoly as state lottery operator. This is in stark contrast to the U.S, with many critics suggesting that the U.S.’s reasons for their online gambling ban were not completely truthful.

However, private firms that are currently operating in the relevant states, such as Tipp24 and Fluxx, will be granted a grace period of one year to adjust to the proposed law.

Earlier this year, three German states prohibited commercial betting. This action was largely aimed at Austrian-based online gambling firm, whose German division is the country’s largest commercial bookmaker.

If the gambling ban goes ahead in Germany it will fly in the face of the European Commission’s desire to unlock the European online gambling market from protectionism and to allow the natural development of competition.

Editor, - 2006-12-13 11:04:13

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