Over-generous casino notices mistake

A printing error by Diamond Jack’s casino nearly cost the company big as they sent out letters to customers offering them more money than they were entitled to. In some cases, customers were offered nearly 22 times more money than they were actually supposed to receive.

Diamond Jack’s casino, one of the newest casinos in Bossier City, Los Angeles, quickly noticed their mistake and sent out letters of apology immediately explaining the incident. They also offered a free hotel room for one night or a $30 voucher for any restaurant in the casino to customers in a small gesture of apology.

Diamond Jacks also said that even though some people have claimed that they should still be entitled to the money and for the casino to pay up, they haven't received too many complaints.

"People are intelligent, they truly understand and we didn't expect there was going to be a mob scene here or anything like that, we expect them to be understanding, in which they are," said Joe Collins, an employee of the casino.

Editor, Jackpot.co.uk - 2007-01-08 12:08:12

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