Gang foiled in casino scam

A gang of four men have been caught attempting a high-tech scam at the Borgata casino in Atlantic City after targeting a £1 million poker tournament.

The scheme was so sophisticated it would not be out of place in the classic casino film Ocean’s 11.

One man had a seat at the tournament, whilst the three remaining men where in a nearby hotel room using high-tech surveillance equipment used to steal a look at the cards of other players. It is then believed this information was passed on to their player at the table.

Interestingly, one of the men arrested is an expert on casino crime and has helped Las Vegas casinos tighten their security measures in the past. The FBI is now investigating whether the gang has successfully struck unnoticed before.

A spokesman for Boyd Gaming, a partner in the casino, was keen to point out that the casino’s security measures were not compromised and that players were the target, not the casino.

“The scheme did target high-end poker players, but off the floor. The security systems of the Borgata were never compromised, nor was the tournament. Customers were targeted, but not the games,” said a Boyd Gaming spokesman.

Gaming authorities in Las Vegas have been made aware of the scam and are on the look out for any similar stings.

Perhaps inspired by the popular Ocean's 11 series of films where cheating casinos is portrayed as glamourous and sexy, these types of scams are becoming more and more frequent. Read about some more casino scams below.

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