Blackpool gaming company back super-casino decision

The company that runs Blackpool’s largest amusement arcade, Coral Island, has given the backing to the Casino Advisory Panel’s decision to award Manchester with the UK’s first supercasino over their own town.

The Noble Organisation claims that Blackpool’s bid inflated the town’s negative aspects with the hope of depicting it as an area in critical need of regeneration.

"As the panel recorded, Blackpool's bid relied on dubious assertions, unsatisfactory economic data and an exaggeratedly negative portrayal of what remains Britain's busiest and best seaside resort,” the company said in a statement.

However, the claims made by the Noble Organisation will come as no surprise to Blackpool officials. The company never wanted the supercasino to be in Blackpool an attempted to interfere with its proposals by launching a High Court legal challenge last September.

They claimed that any development would be contrary to local planning guidelines and that the bid was “misconceived” and “damaging” for the town.

“If the bid is successful, it is because of flawed, exaggerated and highly misleading evidence. It is tantamount to fraud,” said David Biesterfield, Legal and Development Director of Noble Organisation, back in January.

However, Noble’s original contention to the plans and their current glee at its failure may not be entirely down to their concern for the town’s interests but rather more to do with how it would have affected their business. The Coral Island attracts four million visits and a potential supercasino would have certainly eaten into their profits.

Editor, - 2007-02-16 11:32:07

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