Gameaccount get Serious

Gameaccount is targeting serious online players and service operators alike with a dynamic, new tournament Blackjack-based proposition being unveiled this month at the European I-Gaming Expo (EIG) in Nice, France.

GameAccount has specially developed their products to appeal to the serious player looking to take part in P2P skill games for high stakes; at the same time, opening an important new, incremental profit stream for the commercially-astute operator. GameAccount believes their new proposition further demonstrates how inherent synergies within the established remote gaming community can offer unlimited opportunity for sustainable mutual growth and profitability.

“Online game players have a comparatively finite value, so offering them the opportunity to stake higher amounts on their new-found, favourite recreational-based products presents a compelling proposition. Skill gaming provides a wide choice of rapidly-identifiable, readily-accessible products to market to, retain and reactivate customers,” GameAccount Marketing Manager, Meir Moses, said.

“Experience shows that skill game players remain loyal because the concept offers them a choice and a real sense of achievement that earns them money. Without offering these high-value ‘bolt-ons’, customers like these can be lost for good.” - 2005-11-07 10:33:45

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