Gambling sites attract millions

According to a study carried out by the internet media and marketing research company Nielsen/NetRatings, almost 5.8 million people a month visited online gambling sites from April to September.

The study, which will be examined in the BBC documentary series Panorama, also reveals that of that number, 1 million were regular online gamblers.

The numbers demonstrate the rise in popularity of online gambling in the U.K, something the government is fully aware of. From September next year the new gambling act will be passed.

 It is currently illegal to set up an online gambling company in the U.K, but once the new legislation is implemented this will change. The government will vigorously regulate the industry and plan to ensure that any resulting problems are kept to a minimum, with the intention of turning the U.K into one of the most attractive locations for gambling companies.

Richard Caborn, Minister for Sport, echoes the recent views of Tessa Jowell by asserting that regulation of the gambling industry is the best way forward and that you cannot simply ignore it.

"We have, I believe, acted responsibly in bringing an act onto the statute book which has three basic principles on which it is based.

"Protecting the vulnerable, keeping it crime free and making sure that those who have a bet will be paid out and it’ll be a fair bet. That is what it is predicated on because we believe that gambling is now part of our leisure industry."

The programme, ‘Online Gambling: Britain’s New Obsession’ will be shown on BBC1, Sunday 26th November.

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