Gambling company moves to release jailed staff in Turkey

Sportingbet will try this week to get the ball rolling on the release of two of its London-based employees who are currently being detained in a Turkish jail.

The identity of both men remains unknown, although what is known is that both men are Turkish nationals and were arrested ay the end of May after returning to Turkey for a holiday.

Sportingbet are unaware of the exact reason why the men are being held and have sought the services of a local law firm to push for bail.

"We are seeking a hearing next week to get the Turkish equivalent of bail or a charge. The whole thing is very frustrating. It's very unfair on the individuals,” said Andy McIver, Sportingbet chief executive.

Sportingbet believed that the pair were arrested in relation to the operation of the company’s Turkish business Superbahis. However, this was contradicted by reports in the Turkish press claiming that the arrests were relegated to allegations of organised crime, money laundering and tax evasion.

Despite other gaming firms such as PartyGaming and Bwin pulling out of Turkey because of uncertain and unclear legislation, Sportingbet stoutly remain in a market that contributes 13.9 per cent of the groups net gaming revenues.

Editor, - 2008-06-23 10:54:12

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