Gambling Commission digs its own hole

The Times newspaper and other broadsheets today were widely reporting that Peter Dean, the head of the Gambling Commission and some junior Labour ministers were quarrelling over a statement in which Dean reportedly said that Tessa Jowell had “exaggerated” the case for super casinos ion order to push the bill through.

Dean also upset the government by suggesting that the Gambling Commission, created in October, will be "...a laissez faire regulator" which believes regional casinos with million-pound progressive jackpots on slot machines are “not such a big deal”. Nice work Peter!

The article also featured some interesting date including:

Approximately 76 per cent of men and 68 per cent of women gamble each year. About 75 per cent of teenagers gamble

More than 300,000 people in Britain are thought to be addicts

In 2004 National Lottery sales rose by more than £150 million to £4.77 billion

In 2002-03, casinos took £3.8 billion in bets. 56.8 per cent of this was on roulette. £1.2 billion was staked on bingo

The highest gambling activity is on horseracing

The number of young men regularly betting is now 90 per cent, an increase attributed to the online gambling industry

£5 billion a year is wagered online, with 93 per cent of people with internet access gambling on the web

The average gambler spends between £10 and £20 a week on gaming sites

£1 billion is gambled online on football, £935 million on online casinos, £665 million on horse racing and £43 million on poker sites

Scots are believed to be the biggest gamblers, with 48 per cent gambling an average of £40 per month

£28 million was fed into fruit machines each day in Britain in 2001-02

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