Gambling ban for Second Life

Linden Lab, creators of Second Life, has banned gambling for both operators and players in its virtual world because of conflicting gambling regulations in the real world.

The FBI recently began an investigation into gambling in Second Life following the US’s crackdown on online gambling with the introduction of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIEGA). As a result, Linden Lab has decided the ambiguities and conflicts across the world relating to gambling laws are too difficult to adequately provide a safe and legal form of betting.

“Linden Lab's policy is not intended to identify which gambling activities may be legal where you live, and we cannot provide legal advice to you. Because gambling activities may be controlled by the law where the bettor lives in some places, and in others affect the operators of wagering games, we have decided to take a broader approach by prohibiting all games that meet the criteria in our policy,” Linden Labs announced in a statement on its website.

The ban hasn’t gone down well with many residents of Second Life, with many claiming the freedom they could previously enjoy is now becoming restricted, much like the real world.   

"I feel misled. I thought Second Life was another world where real life laws didn't apply," said someone posting on the Linden Lab blog under the name Bobo Decosta.

Read Linden Lab's updated policy on gambling.

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