Nottingham Gala casino under threat

The Gala Casino Bridlesmith is under the threat of closure following an increased amount of competition. Up to 50 jobs could be lost.

According to a spokeswoman for Gala, the company is in discussions with staff.

"We are in consultation with staff. There are lots of different reasons - we have got another casino in Nottingham ourselves, and more and more have opened up recently,” Sarah Mercer, spokeswoman for Gala told the Nottingham Evening Post.

It is not known yet whether the current staff at the casino would be moved to Gala’s other casino in the city, the Gala Casino Maid Marian Way, or lose their jobs altogether.

Gala have been operating the Bridlesmith casino for over a decade.

Stanley Casinos’ £7 million Circus Casino was described as the largest casino in the region on its launch last year.

The launch of the £9.5 million Alea Nottingham last September, run by London Clubs International (LCI), an even larger casino, posed an even greater threat to the Bridlesmith casino.

Editor, - 2008-02-12 11:36:36

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