Premiership footballer admits ‘fixing match’ to pay-off gambling debt

A footballer in Britain has admitted he accepted a £50,000 bribe from a bookmaker to help pay-off a gambling debt accrued from his addiction.

The anonymous player, who has played for a premiership team, agreed to get himself sent-off in a particular match and also persuaded three team-mates to get booked.

The match in question was played within the last two years with the player’s team eventually losing the game, a source close to the situation told The Independent.

The player has since sought professional help at the Sporting Chance Clinic (which treats sports professionals for addictive illnesses) and is said to be “ashamed and full of remorse” over his actions.

The revelation will come as a shock to Premier League bosses, who pride themselves on the integrity and honesty of the league.

But more pertinently, it highlights two facts; one, that the Premier League is not immune to corruption seen in the leagues of its European counterparts such as Italy and Germany and two; that professional athletes, and footballers especially, seem to have a higher risk of succumbing to addictive illnesses such as gambling addiction.

Editor, - 2008-04-04 11:33:28

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