Footballer's £1million debt revealed

The Daily Express today revealed startling news that will shock this football nation. The day after FIFA endorsed the controversial ‘six-plus-five’ principle (where any team must have at least six players starting the game from the country of the league) the revelation of a popular English Premiership football star that has represented his country at home and abroad owes over £1million in unpaid gambling debts.

We have been informed that this unnamed footballer earns around £100,000 a week and is an experienced player for a big Premier League Club. His gambling debts involved betting upon horseracing and even high-profile football matches.

It has only been a few weeks since news broke out over a player who accepted a £50,000 bribe to pay off gambling debts but this headline really puts things into perspective considering the details we have of the gambler.

Apparently there is also a top European midfielder who players for another top Premier League side who isn’t paying up his £100,000 debt lost also through horseracing and football matches.

Both footballers have one last chance and have been threatened to be exposed unless they finally pay up their respective outstanding amounts.

With news stories within the past few years fuelling speculation there is a small gambling epidemic on the rise within the small community of over-priced footballers. Some high profile players like Michael Owen and Wayne Rooney having been mentioned in the past, we’ve decided to constructed a small list that fills the description of the English debt-ridden football star. Some of the biggest suspects are:

1. Michael Owen of Newcastle Utd
2. John Terry of Chelsea FC
3. Frank Lampard of Chelsea FC
4. Wayne Rooney of Manchester Utd
5. Steven Gerrard of Liverpool FC
6. Sol Campbell of Portsmouth
7. Rio Ferdinand of Manchester Utd

We wonder if any bookies are taking bets for who the star might be, and if so will any footballers want to see those odds?

Editor, - 2008-05-30 11:05:32

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