Fancy a $3000.00 Cocktail?

A Connecticut casino, the Foxwoods Resort Casino has launched a new signature cocktail. The cocktail takes expensive taste to a completely new level, costing a whopping $3000.00. The ingredients are not so exotic including Blue Curacao, Bombay Sapphire Gin and a dash of dry vermouth.

The main reason that this drink for a queen costs the princely sum of $3000.00 is that it is served with a pair of custom made diamond and sapphire earrings.

If a $3000.00 aperitif is a little too cheap for you then you could pop down to The Algonquin Hotel & Casino Blue Bar. Here you can order a Diamond Martini for $10,000.00. And you don’t even get any real diamonds! Only two of the drinks have been sold since its launch back in 2004. - 2006-02-24 10:53:34

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