Now this is what you call extreme poker

The term ‘high rollers’ has now taken a new meaning after six Texas Hold’Em players competed against each other perched 90 metres above the ocean on a transparent platform over Manly’s North Head, Sydney.

At stake was a chance to attend the Extreme Poker Championships in the Caribbean.

Not only that, but as players were eliminated from the table, they had to abseil the 90 metres down the rock face.

Hugo Asenjo, a 24-year-old restaurant supervisor from Dee Why in Sydney, surfaced from the game as the victor. However, he admitted he was a little more than worried and fought hard to keep his mind on the game.

"It was really terrifying this morning when we first went out on the deck for a test run," said Asenjo.

"The wind was so strong we thought the game was going to be called off. It was really hard to try and concentrate on the game when the entire time you're just thinking, 'Don't look down'."

Nevertheless, Asenjo has won his seat for the final in the Caribbean – though he is not as ecstatic as he should be as the game will take place on the ocean floor.

"I must admit I'm a bit concerned about that," Mr Asenjo said.

"I can't say I'm much of a scuba diver."

Peter Marcus, founder of Extreme Poker, has now organised tournaments in the Arctic Circle, the Nevada Desert, Australia and is now looking for a new location.

"We're definitely coming back next year. We just need to find the next challenge," he said.

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