Odds of winning the EuroMillions and other weird bets

Tonight’s EuroMillions draw has the potential to be the biggest ever lottery win in the world should one lucky person match all the numbers. However, the odds of actually winning it are a gigantic 76,000,000/1.

According the bookmaker William Hill, the odds are equivalent to Gordon Brown winning the 100m at the 2012 Olympic Games.

"The Euromillions is a serious longshot and as such is a terrible bet, but there are very few opportunities to turn £1.50 into £95 million, so it is time to throw the rule book out of the window and get on!" said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams.

Hills are offering odds of 2/1 that the one lucky person will walk away with the jackpot.

If the jackpot is won by one person, they also have odds on which country the ticket would have been bought...

10/1 – France
12/1 – UK
14/1 – Portugal
16/1 – Spain
20/1 – Austria
20/1 – Switzerland
25/1 – Belgium
25/1 – Ireland
50/1 – Luxembourg

Editor, Jackpot.co.uk - 2008-02-08 11:38:37

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