EU targets countries over sports gambling

The European Commission will today begin a concentrated effort to stop France, Greece and Sweden from protecting their domestic gambling monopolies.

The commission will give final warnings to France and Sweden before taking them to the European Court of Justice if they do not change their current policies. Greece will receive their first warning.

Under current European Union (EU) laws, foreign sports gambling companies should be allowed to operate freely within member EU countries, just like any other type of business offering a service.

UK betting operators such William Hill and Ladbrokes have encountered such barriers when trying to setup in other EU countries, as well as the Austrian based Bwin, who have had more than one run in with Germany.

Current EU laws stipulate that a gambling monopoly, which prevents the introduction of remote based operators, can only exist if it is there for a viable reason, such as preventing gambling addiction.

Editor, - 2007-06-26 11:31:16

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