eCOGRA Is On Your Side

eCOGRA recently set a new plan of action into motion based around aiding problem gamblers and restricting under-age gambling from the online casinos. eCOGRA is one of several groups (like the Online Players Association or OPA) that was founded in order to make the online casino industry a friendlier environment. Aside from auditing online casinos for fair gaming, eCOGRA also has a number of programs designed to ultimately benefit the player.

A new training program is being set up at a number of online casinos in order to educate staff on how to identify and handle problem gamblers. Online casino gambling is enjoyed by millions of people around the world every day but it is important to help those in need of assistance and that's exactly what eCOGRA strives to do. An online casino that features the eCOGRA seal of approval will gain the trust and respect of the player community.

eCOGRA CEO Andrew Beveridge commented on the new online casino initiative: "We're very serious about this, and have the full backing of our seal casinos. Knowingly allowing or enticing under-age or problem gamblers to play is morally wrong, and once the regulations have been implemented the independent accounting firms on our Audit Panel will be paying particular attention to the consistent application of these rules by seal casinos."

Google News - 2005-09-02 11:23:58

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