Dutch parliament vote against Holland Casino

The upper house of the Dutch parliament has rejected a bill that would have granted the gambling monopoly Holland Casino permission to open up an online casino on a trial basis.

Initially, the bill was approved by the lower house of the Dutch parliament in 2006.

The rejection of the bill is good news for European gambling powerhouses such as Bwin and PartyGaming, who would have almost certainly lost customers in Holland to the well-known gambling brand.

The playing field in Europe is by no means level. On one side of the spectrum there is the UK, which has gone down the route of regulation and operates a far more liberal approach than its neighbours such as France and Germany, who seek to protect state-run monopolies under the veil of controlling gambling addiction.

Furthermore, European Union laws are often contradicted by the actions of its member states in regard to online gaming. Unless there is some kind of unity in Europe, it will remain a tricky market to operate in – just ask those countless executives who have found themselves in hot-water.

Editor, Jackpot.co.uk - 2008-04-02 11:15:59

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