Dome Casino Development Underway

This week the UK government are facing controversy over the upcoming regional casino license after the Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) admitted that it had begun work to build a casino on the Millenium Dome site before even being awarded the license.

This shock admission prompted the Conservative party to claim that the government must have given AEG some indication or secret assurances that it would be awarded the license which is not due to be issued until December.

AEG however claim that they have simply begun work on the building because it would prove too costly to wait until December and the announcement to be made. They went on to explain that they already have planning permission to begin work on a ‘shell’ for the development and that it was still waiting for the decision from the Casino Advisory Panel before beginning work on the interior of the casino.

The Shadow Culture Secretary Hugo Swire however is unconvinced and commented, “Many people are now asking why would AEG take such a financial risk and actually begin construction of the casino unless they had received assurances that they would be successful in the bidding process.”

ATE Online - 2006-08-23 12:33:55

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