‘Deal or No Deal’ game is not gambling, judge rules

Georgia’s highest court has ruled that the popular T.V show ‘Deal or No Deal’ is not a form of gambling and threw out a lawsuit put forward by a couple who claimed that the “Lucky Case Game” violated state laws.

Michael and Michele Hardin were suing NBC and hoping to retrieve the money they, and the rest of the state, spent on sending in text messages to the show guessing which of 6 suitcases contained a large sum of money.

The couple’s lawyer, Jerry Buchanan, termed the game an illegal gambling operation and as such, meant the “gambling contracts are void”.

However, the Georgia Supreme court ruled that text messages cannot be classified as a bet. Therefore, the court ruled that no money could be returned to players since there was no “gambling contract” in place.

The “Lucky Case Game” has been pulled from the show by NBC since the lawsuit began. There is also thought to be another lawsuit pending against the game in California.

Editor, Jackpot.co.uk - 2008-04-22 11:24:55

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