Wimbledon: Davydenko admits chat with wife may have caused betting scandal

Nikolay Davydenko, the world’s number four, has admitted that a seemingly innocuous comment made to his wife during an on-court conversation could have caused the highest-profile betting scandal to hit tennis.

During his match against Argentinean Martin Vassallo Arguello in Sopot last year, a match that subsequently caused Betfair to void all bets and signal an investigation by the ATP after Davydenko retired early, the russian spoke to his wife during the match and believes this conversation could have triggered the scandal.

"I spoke on the centre court with my wife in Russian (and) maybe it's possible, I say something (like), 'I don't want to play or I can retire'," Davydenko said after his first round loss to Benjamin Becker at Wimbledon yesterday.

"Because we play in Sopot and many Russians are watching the match... some people can understand. It may be my mistake because I need to be quiet; I need to do only my job."

Davydenko and Vassallo Arguello have both stated their innocence ever since the integrity of the match came into question.

"Nobody can prove anything. Because if (they) found something about me, (they would) have already told me, or my lawyer. He's already waiting mostly like one year and didn't find anything,” Davydenko said.

A result from the investigation is due next month.

Editor, Jackpot.co.uk - 2008-06-25 11:44:32

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