Father loses daughter in poker game

Reuters India has reported that a man lost his daughter in a poker game. A 17-year-old Pakistani girl from Hyderabad, only known as Rasheeda, has appealed to authorities to save her from being handed over to a middle-aged man.

Rasheeda’s late father lost his daughter when she was two in a game of poker to Lal Haider, after staking her on a hand after he had run out of money. The father had racked up debts of 10,000 rupees ($151) to Haider by playing poker.

"My husband didn't have money to pay, and instead he told Lal Haider that he could take Rasheeda when she grows up," said the girl’s mother, Nooran.

Haider is insisting the girl should be handed over to him because of tribal customs. Rasheeda’s uncle, Dur Mohammad, believes that the man wants the girl so she can marry his son.

However, there appears to be some confusion over the outcome of the case with local councillors and police disagreeing with each other.

Khalid Rajput, a local councillor, said in a meeting late last week that the girl should be handed over in accordance with tribal customs but police have stated that the girl will not be forced to do anything against her will.

Surprisingly, this is not the only case of its kind. Earlier this month, a man in Russia lost his wife in a game of poker.

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