Daily Mail loses £4m libel case against US casino tycoon

The Daily Mail has paid American casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson a whopping £4 million ($8.06m) in libel damages after accusing the chairman and chief executive of Las Vegas Sands Corp of “cut-throat, ruthless and despicable” business practises.

The newspaper also claimed in a story in May 2005 that Adelson, described by Forbes magazine as the 12th richest man in the world, held secret talks with Malcolm Glazer to takeover Manchester United before the latter eventually bought the club in 2005. Adelson claims he has never even met Malcolm Glazer.

In perhaps the greatest personal slur, the paper also claimed Adelson sent a friend to ask his wife for a divorce on the eve of her cancer operation.

"These allegations were all unjustified," Gedeon Benaim, Adelson’s solicitor told Mr Justice Eady of London’s high court.

"As such, they represent a grave slur on Mr Adelson's personal integrity and business reputation…the reporting on this issue by the Daily Mail was completely and totally in error."

Associated Newspapers, publishers of the Daily Mail, admitted that some of the more damning allegations were untrue and unfounded. They apologised to Adelson and agreed to pay the damages.

Adelson vowed to donate the £4 million damages to the Royal Marsden cancer hospital in London.

Editor, Jackpot.co.uk - 2008-03-20 11:40:14

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