Launches £1 million Roulette Game

Online fruit machine and games website,, is making history with the launch of its largest online jackpot ever. The new game, Jackpot Roulette, created exclusively for, has a guaranteed £1 million jackpot (US $1,869,260).
Over the last six-months has launched three unique games, including the world’s first six-wheel roulette game ‘Multi-wheel Roulette’ and ‘Jackpot Roulette’. This takes the companies selection of classic online games to 22.

Jackpot Roulette is an exciting enhancement to European Roulette, with a single number paying out 35-to-one. However, unlike the casino classic, whereby only one wheel is used, Jackpot Roulette brings six wheels into play, increasing the player’s chance of winning by a factor of five. Furthermore, if the roulette balls land on the same number on three or more of the six wheels, the player wins an additional jackpot – ranging from £30 to £1 million.

To win the £1 million guaranteed jackpot the roulette balls must land on the same number on all six wheels. If, however five numbers are matched, then the player wins the progressive jackpot, with a guaranteed minimum payout of £30,000, four numbers pays out £1,250 and three £30. Of course, if no one gets five numbers the same - the £30,000 jackpot just keeps growing. - 2005-05-16 12:48:39

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