Crown Casino guilty of foul-play

As if the chances of beating the house at a casino weren’t hard enough, one casino has been found to be guilty of playing with “short decks” – albeit unintentionally.

Melbourne’s Crown Casino has been fined $35,000 (AUS) by the Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation for six breaches of the Casino Control Act 1991.

Three of the breaches occurred in games of Texas Hold’Em poker late last year. In one of the cases, a dealer continued to deal the cards after realising that the deck was incomplete.

In further cases, an extra card was included in the deck during a game of Pontoon, a game of blackjack was played with an incomplete deck and a game of Pai Gow was played with an incorrect set of tiles.

Human error was put down as the reason for all of the cases.

Crown has admitted the errors and claim they acted responsibly.

"The fact of the matter is that at Crown we would deal literally millions of gaming hands throughout the year," said Gary O’Neill.

"On each and every one of these occasions, the error was detected by Crown's supervisory staff and reported to the VCGR."

Nevertheless, the fines seem paltry considering the odds in games were changed and Crown’s poor record for staying on the right side of casino regulations.

Editor, - 2007-10-05 12:24:48

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