Clerk wins jackpot with unwanted lottery ticket

Wayburn Allen, a clerk from a convenience store in North Carolina, has found out that some mistakes are worth making.

When a customer came in to the store to buy a lottery ticket, she accidentally printed off a duplicate ticket. Allen spent the remainder of the day trying earnestly to sell the ticket to other customers. However, no one wanted it and so Allen was forced to buy it herself.

Little did she know it was a winning ticket that would net Allen a $200,000 jackpot.

Coincidentally, when Allen went to claim her prize, she ran into the customer who bought the original ticket, who will also win $200,000.

"They put two and two together and ended up hugging,” said Pam Walker, spokeswoman for the North Carolina Education Lottery.

Editor, - 2007-04-24 11:21:49

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