Chariot agrees sale

NetPlay TV, in a move to improve its interactive television gaming business, has bought Chariot’s Monday game for the bargain price of £140,500. Along with the game also comes its database of 280,000 players and the assets required for its operation.

The Monday game, which was only launched eight months ago and produces weekly revenues of £50,000, has struggled to meet expectations with Chariot claiming that if they did not find a buyer for its assets, they would be forced to close it.

“NetPlay TV will, with immediate effect, take responsibility for the operation and operating costs of Monday and have the benefit of Monday’s revenues,” a Chariot statement read.

However, the takeover will be gradual with Chariot operating the lottery for the next four weeks with the support of NetPlay.

"This acquisition further enhances our position in the interactive TV gaming arena,” said NetPlay in a statement.

As such, NetPlay will be looking to use the assets to produce a live, interactive television lottery show.

Meanwhile, Chariot will now begin to look into investing in companies rather than continuing the operation of lotteries.

Editor, - 2007-01-19 11:29:59

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