Casino uniform too sexy, Canadian casino workers complain

Employees at Casino Windsor, Ontario, Canada, have complained that their new uniform is too sexy and far too inappropriate.

The new uniform is part of the casinos transformation into Caesars Windsor, as casino operator Harrah’s changes its name to Caesars.

"I feel it's inappropriate," one worker told The Windsor Star newspaper.

"I'm not putting down the casino because I enjoy working there. I just feel showing half of my body is inappropriate.”

"The skirt is really, really short. The top is very low-cut. It looks more like a tennis skirt with slits in the front and back where you have to wear panties underneath. So, if you have to wear panties underneath you know it's too short."

Employees are set to wear the new uniform in June, when the re-opening of the casino is planned – unless the uniform gets black-balled by the workers union in an upcoming meeting with casino management.

Employees are also worried that the new uniforms could cause them some embarrassment.

"When we're serving to slot areas, we're working with a cart. As we're cleaning, there's a little tray at the bottom where we throw the empties, when you're bending over, people are going to see everything,” the employee continued.

"They're not there to see us, they're there to gamble and have fun and I don't feel showing what we have is appropriate for the job we're doing.”

Editor, - 2008-04-17 11:22:05

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