Casino sues its dealers

Two former dealers of Wynn Las Vegas casino, Daniel Baldonado and Joseph Cesarz, are being sued for legal fees after they brought a lawsuit against the casino, claiming that a new tip-sharing scheme was illegal.

Their case was dismissed last month by a District Court Judge and now Wynn Las Vegas have hit back claiming $75,000 in attorney fees from the dealers.

“It’s vindictive and retaliatory,” said Mark Thierman, lawyer to the dealers.

“There is no way a court can honestly say this was a bad-faith lawsuit.”

However, Wynn claims that the two filed the lawsuit “without reasonable grounds” and should now have to face the full cost of the casino’s defence, having previously been told by authorities they didn’t have a case.

“They brought a lawsuit after the labour commissioner told them they didn’t have a case,” said Wynn attorney Greg Kamer.

“They could have dropped it at any point in time and they didn’t.”

Regardless of the outcome of this case, Wynn is still in trouble with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) after receiving many complaints accusing founder Steve Wynn and six managers in the casino of threatening workers with the sack and reduced pay if they protested against the new tip-sharing scheme the casino recently implemented.

Wynn has defended the decision by claiming that in some cases, dealers were earning more than the managers that supervised them. Wynn has until January 11th to respond in writing to the complaints and a hearing in San Francisco before an administrative judge on February 1st. If found guilty, Wynn could be in big trouble with the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

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