Casino Royale Filming Schedule Announced

They may not have a new James Bond, but Casino Royale is slated to start filming in January. The movie, based on an Ian Fleming novel, surrounds a critical game of baccarat. In Casino Royale, everyone’s favorite spy, James Bond, must prevent a Russian spy from winning the baccarat game, which is worth millions.

With filming scheduled to start soon, writer Paul Haggis was hired to polish the second draft of the script, which was written by Robert Wade and Neal Purvis. Purvis and Wade previously wrote the Bond movies ‘Die Another Day’ and ‘The World is Not Enough,’ but they said that the Casino Royale script offered a special challenge, because it was based on the Ian Fleming novel whereas the other two were written without source material from Fleming. - 2005-09-05 11:53:46

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