Casino reverses decision

After days of bad publicity, Philadelphia Park casino has reversed its decision and paid out to a man who said he had won $102,000 on a slot machine. The casino has previously stated that a message that popped up on the screen telling the man he had won the jackpot was mistake.

Stephen Wilkinson, 56, a retired carpenter, was offered two complimentary buffet tickets at the time by the casino, which he dismissed as out of hand. As a result, he went straight to the Pennsylvania Casino Control Board and made a complaint. However, many experts believed it would have been hard for Wilkinson to receive the money he claimed he was entitled to under casino regulations, so the casinos reversal in thinking, although welcome to Wilkinson, may come as a surprise.

"Well, we contacted him on Friday night and told him that we had finished our investigation, and that even though there clearly was an error - it was human error - we were going to make good on the $102,000 winning," said Dave Jonas, the president and chief executive officer of Philadelphia Park.

That human error is said to be down to an employee in a remote office who was testing the video promotion system and randomly picked $102,000 to send out to Wilkinson’s machine as part of a trial run. As a result, the investigation also considered if the whole thing was an elaborate scam conceived by the employee and Wilkinson. When it discovered it was not, the casino decided to pay out.

"It is the goal that this will never happen again," said Andrew Becker, a Philadelphia Park casino spokesman,

He went on to add that since it was a human mistake, employee education may by key to achieving this rather than by "structural or system changes."

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