Casino refuses to payout slot jackpot win

A middle-aged woman from Hong Kong who believed she had won $5.5 million (US) in the Star World Casino in Macau has been told that she may not receive her winnings.

The woman who was playing on the slots machines when she saw the jackpot win flash up on the screen after putting in only 60 cents. She immediately alerted casino staff to her win only to be told it was a mistake due to a mechanical malfunction on the machine.

According to a spokesman for the casino, the machine in question was only supposed to payout a maximum jackpot of $6,000.

Unsurprisingly, the woman argued for hours and hours before returning home to Hong Kong.

She later made a complaint to the Gaming Inspection and Co-ordination Bureau who deemed it would be unreasonable to award the $5.5 million (US) win to the lady as the machine should have paid out only a fraction of that. However, they would continue their investigation further before making a final decision.

Editor, - 2007-09-03 11:32:25

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